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The 9th Annual Conference 2022

5 and 6 April  2022

with site visit on 7 April 2022


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Held annually since 2012, Othello's Island is a multi-disciplinary conference that looks at Medieval, Renaissance and early modern history, literature, art and other culture, held in Nicosia, Cyprus. It brings together a wide range of academics and research students, from all over the world, to discuss their work in what we describe as a multi-disciplinary event.

Sometimes the themes of different papers can seem very diverse, but a multi-disciplinary approach means that we encourage participants to listen to a wide range of papers, in different discipline areas, in the belief that this can lead to new, sometimes remarkable, insights.

Old Town Nicosia is a city of narrow medieval streets, surrounded by the huge Venetian walls, where you will find lovely museums, shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as medieval and renaissance buildings, harking back to the medieval and renaissance period, when Cyprus was ruled by the French Lusignan royal family. Perhaps most notable of the house was the last Queen of Cyprus, Catherine Cornaro, whose portrait was painted by Giorgione, Titian and other Renaissance artists.

The Call for Papers for the 9th instalment of the conference is now open with a deadline of 20 December 2021. Decisions on acceptances will be made by 31 Decemeber 2021.

We are a pluralistic conference, so are interested in a diverse range of papers. This might include:

• Shakespeare and his Contemporaries, and the Mediterranean

• Shakespeare and his Contemporaries, and Material History

• The Joy of Text? Teaching Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama Today

• All aspects of Early Modern Women Writers (c.1400 to c.1700)

• Medieval Travel and Tales of Travel

• The Byzantine Image in the West

• The Medieval World

• Renaissance Culture and Society.

BOOK: Othello's Island 1: Selected Proceedings from the Othello's Island Conferences 2012-2019 is available from booksellers now.

Click here for more information

Diagram showing the three main themes of the conference working together.


If your proposed paper does not fit into any of these themes we might still be interested in hearing it. See information on this web page for details on how to submit.

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