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Accommodation and Travel



You will be responsible for your own accommodation during the conference. Nicosia offers a huge amount of choice of accommodation from youth hostels and budget hotels to luxury vacation apartments. AirBNB is also very active in Nicosia.

Below is a list of some of the accommodation options located not far from the conference venue, although some of the budget and high end options are up to 1½ miles from CVAR, so please check distances.


As a general rule, if you are booking accommodation, we suggest you aim to locate yourself within walking distance of the Old Town (which is the area within the medieval walls that surround Nicosia), but that is obviously a concept that will vary between different people.

The lowest cost at the time of writing seem to be apartment and AirB&B options, but remember this is always subject to change.


Some possible choices for accommodation are given below. Click on the link by the accommodation for more specific information.


General Searches -

Apartments and B&B

AirBNB Cyprus -

City Centre Apartments -


Delphi Hotel -
Evangelos Averoff Hotel -
Sky Hotel -
Rimi Hotel -

Asty Hotel -

Mid Range
Castelli Hotel  -
Centrum Hotel -

Royiatiko -


Altius Hotel -

(the Altius is quite a long walk from CVAR)

Top End
Almond Hotel -

Classic Hotel -
Cleopatra Hotel -

Hilton Hotel -

(the Hilton is a long walk from CVAR)


Travel and Transfers

You will be responsible for your own travel to and within Cyprus. The nearest airport to Nicosia is Larnaca International Airport, which carries the airport code LCA. 

The airport is served by airlines from all over the world, including both scheduled airlines such as British Airways, MEA, Emirates and Aegean Airlines, and budget airlines including Monarch, EasyJet and RyanAir.

You can find information on airlines flying to Cyprus by clicking here.

Our suggested arrival date for delegates is 5 April 2020 and a departure date of 10 April 2019. This departure date would allow you to join the coach trip to see the Gothic cathedral and other medieval sites of Famagusta on 9 April.


Also, spring is a lovely time to visit Cyprus, so you might want to combine your attendance at the conference with an easter / spring vacation and stay longer.


You might want to pre-book a taxi from the airport to Nicosia to ensure there are no arguments with taxi drivers over the legitimate fare. You can do this online at taxis.


There is also a bus service from the airport to Nicosia city centre. The timetables are available online, click here for details.


Car hire can be very low cost at this time of year in Cyprus, although be aware finding a parking space in Nicosia is often very difficult. There are lots of companies offering car hire, so we do not recommend any particular ones.

Michael Paraskos says he tends to use


Please note this information is not given as advice, and we do not recommend specific hotels, travel arrangements or methods of booking. We cannot accept responsible for the nature or quality of any accommodation or travel you book.

If you would like to contact the government run tourist information agency for advice on accommodation or travel click here.

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